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TWA Officers


President - Sarah Biedenharn

Sarah has been a member of TWA most of her life.  She was a South Texas Buckskin Brigade Cadet in 2007 and has more recently been involved in TWA as a member of the Executive Committee, Conservation Legacy Committee, Membership Committee and Co-Chair of the Convention Committee. She is also a current member of the TPWD White-tailed Deer Advisory Committee and serves on the Board of Directors of the Texas Agricultural Land Trust.

Sarah grew up in a cattle ranching family in Sabinal, where she developed a passion for land and wildlife conservation. She now lives in San Antonio with her husband, Tucker Biedenharn, but still enjoys spending time at the ranch when possible. She graduated from Texas Christian University in 2014 with majors in Finance and Accounting before spending two years with the Hospitality Asset Management division of Goldman Sachs. She is now the San Antonio Head of Real Estate for Sonder, a San Francisco based alternative hospitality company.


Vice President - Jonathan Letz

Jonathan has been a member of TWA since 2010 and a member of the Executive Committee for the past 8 years. He has been active working on legislative and water issues and currently serves as Chair of the Landscape Working Group for the new headquarters building.

He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with degrees in Business (1979) and Petroleum Land Management (1981). He worked for Exxon Corporation from1981 to 1988. In 1988, he moved back to Kerr County where his family has lived in the Comfort area for over six generations.    

Jonathan lives on his family ranch outside of Comfort with his wife, Karen, and their two sons, Sam (15) and Gus (13).  Cherry Creek Ranch was the recipient of the Lone Star Land Steward Award in 2002. In 2013, the ranch received the Wildlife Conservation award for Region II from the Soil and Water Conservation Districts of Texas. He has worked with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, University of Texas, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Texas A & M University and other entities on scientific and land stewardship projects.

In 1996, he was elected Kerr County Commissioner of Precinct #3 and is currently serving his 23rd year.  In 1998, Jonathan Letz was appointed to the Plateau Water Planning Group – Region J. He has served as chair since 1998. Commissioner Letz has worked extensively on county subdivision rules and statewide water issues.  

His family raises cattle and manages a white-tailed deer hunting operation. Other business interests include Southwest Turf and Irrigation, a full service landscape, irrigation and land management company and The Garden Haus, a retail nursery and garden center located in Comfort.


Treasurer - Nyle Maxwell

Nyle has been a member of TWA since 2009 and a member of the Executive Committee for the past 3 years. He currently serves as Treasurer. A native Texan, he is a dedicated advocate for hunting and wildlife conservation especially after acquiring his first ranch in 1999 near Mountain Home. Experiencing a passion for land management and conservation from that purchase, Nyle has since added the High Lonesome Ranch near Brady where he runs a successful Trophy Whitetail Deer, Quail, Turkey and Exotic hunting operation. El Cielo ranch near Alpine and the Double M ranch near El Paso round out his hunting operations and pursuits. His love of hunting has taken him around the world and awarded him with both the Texas Slam and the Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep.

A University of Texas Longhorn, Nyle was born in Austin where he also met his wife, Nancy. Together they raised their family of two sons (Trey and Jeff) and two daughters (Marcella and Grace) in Round Rock where Nyle served as Mayor from 2002 – 2007. Nancy and Nyle now live in Georgetown where they continue to be very active in community service.

For 35 years, Nyle has been a leader in the auto industry. He is currently the CEO of Nyle Maxwell Family of Dealerships which is comprised of 6 Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and Fiat dealerships in the Austin area as well as Castroville and Killeen. In that role he also serves on the Stellantis National Dealer Council.

When not selling cars or hunts, Nyle is devoted to philanthropy. Founder of the Greater Round Rock Community Foundation, he currently serves as its Chair and has overseen over $10 million in grants go directly to the non-profit community of Central Texas. He was also a founding member of the Dell Children’s Medical Center Foundation and now serves on the board of Ascension Seton Williamson Foundation. He has been recognized with the Round Rock Chamber’s Citizen of the Year and Lifetime Achievement awards and the Round Rock City Council’s Local Legend award.


Second Vice President for Programs - Dr. Louis Harveson

Dr. Louis Harveson serves as Second Vice President for Programs of the Texas Wildlife Association.

Dr. Harveson was first elected Second Vice President for Programs on July 12, 2013. 

As Second Vice President for Programs, Dr. Harveson serves as an Officer contact and representative for all organizational education program efforts, and he serves as an organizational liaison and resource in matters relating to wildlife and/or natural resource research at the university and college level and with state and federal agencies.

Dr. Harveson is the Dan Allen Hughes, Jr., Endowed Director of the Borderlands Research Institute for Natural Resource Management at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas. The Borderlands Research Institute focuses on assisting landowners and managers of west Texas in managing the natural resources they have been entrusted with. 

Dr. Harveson is a Professor of Wildlife Management at the university. Dr. Harveson’s specialization is Big Game Ecology and Management, Predator-Prey Dynamics, and Upland Gamebird Ecology.

Dr. Harveson is a 4th generation Texan and is a native of Fort Worth. He is a graduate of Texas Tech University (B.S., Wildlife Management, 1991), Texas A&M University-Kingsville (M.S., Range and Wildlife Management, 1995), and Texas A&M University (Ph.D., Wildlife Science, 1997).

Dr. Harveson is a Certified Wildlife Biologist and is a member of The Wildlife Society, Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society, and various conservation and hunting organizations

Dr. Harveson and his wife Patricia live in Alpine with their daughter Katie and son Jake.


TWA Executive Committee

The Texas Wildlife Association Executive Committee is appointed by the President. All members of the Executive Committee must be Voting Members of the Association. 

The Executive Committee governs all actions and sets all policy of the Association and may exercise all of the powers of the Board of Directors in the interim period between meetings of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee has full power over all business as conducted by the Officers of the Association, and the Officers are responsible to this Committee. 

The list of members of the current Executive Committee is to come.


TWA Board of Directors

The affairs of the Texas Wildlife Association are managed by the Board of Directors. Only Voting Members of the Association serve as Directors. Each of the eight TWA regions has at least five representatives on the Board of Directors. The number of Directors is set by the Executive Committee. Each Director serves a term of three years, and there is no limit on the number of terms a Director may serve.

Directors are divided into two categories, Active Directors and Directors Emeritus. Directors Emeritus are nominated by the sitting Executive Committee and are granted such status by the Executive Committee.

Directors Emeritus have the same rights and privileges, but not the obligations, of Active Directors. Directors Emeritus are required to be at least Active Members in good standing and have shown outstanding service to the organization, above and beyond the call of duty. To qualify for Director Emeritus status, a Director must have either served as an Officer of the organization for six years, or served as a director of the organization for nine years, or have been a founding member of the organization.

Directors Emeritus

J. David Anderson
Marko Barrett
Richard Bennett
Mark Bivins
Warren Blesh
McLean Bowman
Rob Bracken
Fred Bryant
Christine Buford
Richard Butler
Susan Combs
Charles Davidson
Ed Dutch
Bill Eikenhorst
Joseph Fitzsimons
Derry Gardner
James Hayne
AC Dick Jones IV
Luke Kellogg
Wallace Klussmann
Steve Lewis
Gary Machen
Keith Martin
Dan McBride
Paul McSween
Daniel Pedrotti, Sr.
Murphy Ray
Randy Rehmann
Wallace Rogers
Dale Rollins
Charles Schreiner
Greg Simons
Don Steinbach
A.M. “Mac” Stringfellow
David Synatzske
Jimmie Thurmond
Arthur Uhl
Tom Vandivier
Larry Weishuhn
Bill Wilson

Directors Terms Expiring 2022

Andy Allen
Terry Anderson
Ernest Angelo
Katharine Armstrong Love
Bradford Barnes
Warren Bluntzer
E.A. “Bud” Christy
Jason Cross
Alan Curry
Ernie Davis
Doug DuBois
Edward Farmer
Selma Glasscock
Carlos Gonzalez
Milton Greeson
Cecario “CG” Guerrero
Louis Harveson
Elliott Hayne
Brian Hays
David Hewitt
Richard Hill
George “Timo” Hixon
W.H. “Bill” Hoffman
Lee Hoffpauir
Corey Howell
Johnnie Hudman
Parker Johnson
William Jones III
Kyle Kacal
Harrison King
Tucker Knight
Jonathan Letz
Robert Lindsey
Ryan Luna
Walter “Monty” Martin
Mark Matthews
Nyle Maxwell
Heath McBride
Justin McCelvey
Guy McCrary
Blake Murden
Clint Orms
Larry Pierce
Carl Polk
Sue Price
Russell Rehmann
Jenny Sanders
Matthew Schnupp
Kevin Smithart
Misty Sumner
Tamara Trail
Karla Welch
Neal Wilkins
William Wright
William “Carl” Young
Max Yzaguirre
David Zimmerman

Directors Terms Expiring 2023

Curtis Anderson
J David Anderson
Thomas Arnim
Ty Bartoskewitz
Tom Beard
Randy Cadwallader V
Linda Campbell
Jim Cathey
Sterling Curry
Cary Dietzmann
Robert Dullnig
Scott Esse
Justin Field
Dan Flournoy
Jackie Harker
Steven Harker
David Harrison
Stephen Hill
William Howell
Randall Jay
Jeff Jay
Mason King
Megan Kolbe
Steven Mafrige
Gary Meade
Mary Pearl Meuth
James Oliver
Jeremy Peters
Scott Petty
Bryan Pickens
Mike Reynolds
Carroll Schubert
Derik Stokes
Ross Studer
Jay Timmins
Tom Vandivier
Bryan Wagner
Clayton Wolter
Travis Wuest
Brad Wuest

Directors Terms Expiring 2024

John Baker
Connard Barker
James Barrow
Kenneth Bell
Albert Biedenharn
Sarah Biedenharn
Al Bisby
Craig Bowen
Ruben Cantu
William Carrington
Chuck Cashdollar
Ken Cearley
Deborah Clark
Vannie Collins
Kevin Comisky
Matthew Cooley
Keith Crawford
Dave DeLaney
Parley Dixon
Steve Dutton
Jonny Fitzsimons
Fay Fitzsimons Walker
Chuck Greco
Heath Grigg
Jeff Hanselka
Rebecca Heildelberg
Rod Hench
Mark Hiler
Peter John Holt
Anson Howard
Karl Kinsel
Dan Kinsel
Brad Knolle
Bill Knolle
Jim Kolkhorst
Bart Koontz
Keith Lake
Spencer Lewis
Ben Love
Russell Marshall
Con Mims
Rick Nauert
William Osborn
John Park
Roger Parker
Joe Patterson
Jay Robertson
Wallace Rogers, IV
Michael Sasser
Tim Taylor
Jim Thompson
James Uhl
Crystal Watts
David Watts
Rex Webb
Jeff White
Craig Williams
Brad Wolfe

TWA Statewide Committees

Conservation Legacy Committee

The TWA Conservation Legacy Advisory Committee (CLAC) is formed to provide advice and recommendations to the TWA Executive Committee on the range of issues and topics necessary for implementing high-impact education programs. 

Staff Contact: Kassi Scheffer-Geeslin (kscheffer@texas-wildlife.org)


Deer and Exotic Management Committee

The TWA Deer and Exotic Management Committee is formed to provide advice and recommendations to the TWA Executive Committee on the range of legislative, regulatory, and non-regulatory issues and topics involving whitetail deer, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, and bighorn sheep management in Texas.  

Staff Contact: David Brimager (dbrimager@texas-wildlife.org)


Wildlife Conservation Committee

The Wildlife Conservation Committee (WCC) is formed to provide advice and recommendations to the TWA Executive Committee on a range of legislative, regulatory, and non-regulatory issues and topics involving game (not to include white-tailed deer, desert big game species and other exotic deer species) and nongame wildlife, fisheries and rare species in the State of Texas. 

Staff contact: Iliana Pena (ipena@texas-wildlife.org)  


Texas Big Game Awards Committee 

The TBGA Advisory Committee is formed to provide advice and recommendations to the TWA Executive Committee and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department on all aspects related to the Texas Big Game Awards program. 

Staff contact: Kara Starr (kstarr@texas-wildlife.org


Finance Committee

The TWA Finance Committee is formed to provide advice and recommendations to the TWA Executive Committee on the range of issues and topics necessary to achieve the organization’s financial goals. 

Staff Contact: David Brimager (dbrimager@texas-wildlife.org)


Legislative Committee

The TWA Legislative Committee is formed to provide advice and recommendations to the TWA Executive Committee on the range of issues and topics necessary to achieve the organization’s public policy goals (both legislative and regulatory) at the state and federal levels. 

Staff Contact: David Brimager (dbrimager@texas-wildlife.org)

Membership Committee

The TWA Membership Committee is formed to provide advice and recommendations to the TWA Executive Committee on the issues and topics necessary to achieve the organization’s membership and regional development goals.

Staff Contact: Deb Copeland (dcopeland@texas-wildlife.org)


TYHP Advisory Committee

The TWA TYHP Advisory Committee (TYHPAC) is formed to collaboratively work with the TWA Executive Committee to oversee the direction of the Texas Youth Hunting Program (including, without limitation, the administration and financing of the youth hunting program, or similar mutually agreed programs).  TYHP is a co-sponsored initiative of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Wildlife Association, and Texas Wildlife Association Foundation, Inc. that is established as a program to consolidate youth hunting outreach and information in Texas.   

Staff Contact: Chris Mitchell (cmitchell@texas-wildlife.org)


Women of the Land Committee

The TWA Women of the Land (WOTL) Advisory Committee is formed to provide advice and recommendations to the TWA Conservation Legacy Staff, Conservation Legacy Advisory Committee and the TWA Executive Committee on a range of issues and topics necessary to support a land ethic that achieves natural resource literacy through the WOTL program and other outreach programs/activities relevant to the mission of WOTL.

Staff Contact: Iliana Pena (ipena@texas-wildlife.org)


Convention Committee

The TWA Convention Committee is formed to provide advice and recommendations to the TWA Executive Committee on fundraising aspects and event related to TWA’s annual convention held each summer.

Staff contact: David Brimager (dbrimager@texas-wildlife.org)

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