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TWA focuses its mission on private landowners and their ethical relationship to the land, and TWA concentrates on issues relating to private property, hunting and hunter rights, and conservation of our natural resources.

TWA is governed by a Board of Directors, four statewide Officers, and an Executive Committee. The organization’s headquarters office is located in New Braunfels, Texas. TWA has three main program areas:  Conservation Legacy (youth and adult education), Hunting Heritage (Texas Youth Hunting Program and Texas Big Game Awards), and Issues and Advocacy.

The future well-being of wildlife, game, nongame and rare species depends upon private landowners’ commitment to habitat. They are the real stewards of the land in their care. Motivated by what Aldo Leopold called a land ethic, enabled by sustainable markets and incentives, and nurtured by their association with the entire land, hunting and conservation communities…private landowners in Texas are achieving real conservation results.

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TWA Mission Statement

Serving Texas wildlife and its habitat, while protecting property rights, hunting heritage, and the conservation efforts of those who value and steward wildlife resources.

Our History

The Texas Wildlife Association was formed in 1985 by a group of ranchers, wildlife managers and hunters dedicated to the conservation, management, and enhancement of wildlife and wildlife habitat on private lands.

Texas is 95 percent private land, and over two-thirds of the United States is privately owned. Texas hunters, anglers, wildlife watchers and conservationists recognized the necessity of working cooperatively with private landowners on wildlife, habitat and conservation issues.


Professional Staff



Justin Dreibelbis, Chief Executive Officer: jdreibelbis@texas-wildlife.org, 210-826-2904
David Brimager, Director of Public Relations: dbrimager@texas-wildlife.org, 210-826-2904, 210-862-0182 (c) 
Quita Hill-Haynes, Director of Finance and Operations: qhill@texas-wildlife.org, 210-826-2904, 210-844-7496 (c) 
Cynthia Moncrief, Office Administrator: cmoncrief@texas-wildlife.org, 210-826-2904


Mimi Sams, Engagement Coordinator: msams@texas-wildlife.org, 210-826-2904, 214-668-0154 (c)
Kristin Parma, Membership Coordinator: kparma@texas-wildlife.org, 210-826-2904, 541-221-9372 (c)


Conservation Legacy

Formal Education
Kassi Scheffer-Geeslin, Director of Formal Education: kscheffer@texas-wildlife.org, 210-826-2904, 512-983-8839 (c)
Elanor Dean, Conservation Education Specialist: edean@texas-wildlife.org, 210-826-2904, 713-775-6895 (c)
Peggy Maxwell, Conservation Education Specialist: pmaxwell@texas-wildlife.org, 210-826-2904, 830-237-1595 (c)
Adrienne Paquette, Conservation Educator: apaquette@texas-wildlife.org
Ali Kuehn, Conservation  Educator: akuehn@texas-wildlife.org
Elisa Velador, Conservation  Educator: evelador@texas-wildlife.org
Gwen Eishen, Conservation Educator: geishen@texas-wildlife.org
Marla Wolf, Curriculum Specialist

Public Programs and Conservation Initiatives
Iliana Peña, Director of Conservation Programs: ipena@texas-wildlife.org, 210-826-2904, 210-913-9798 (c)
Amanda Gobeli, Conservation Education Specialist: agobeli@texas-wildlife.org, 720-333-6224
Chad Timmons, Conservation Education Specialist: ctimmons@texas-wildlife.org, 512-751-9488


Hunting Heritage

Chris Mitchell, Texas Youth Hunting Program Director: cmitchell@texas-wildlife.org, 210-260-6802 (c)
Bryan Jones, TYHP Field Operations Coordinator: bjones@texas-wildlife.org,  720-240-6724 (c)
Bob Barnette, TYHP North Texas Field Operations Coordinator: bbarnette@texas-wildlife.org, 214-282-3697 (c)
Briana Nicklow, TYHP East Texas Field Operations Coordinator: bnicklow@texas-wildlife.org, 832-409-3888 (c)
Kim Hodges, TYHP Program Coordinator: khodges@texas-wildlife.org, 210-930-2177  
Kara Starr, TBGA Program Coordinator: kstarr@texas-wildlife.org, 210-236-9761, 210-884-6442 (c)   


Issues & Advocacy      

Joey Park, Legislative Program Coordinator: joeypark@austin.rr.com, 512-293-4136



Meg Guerra, TWA Foundation Director of Development: mguerra@texas-wildlife.org, 210-826-2904


Magazine Production

Kim Rothe, Consulting Publications Coordinator/Editor: krothe@swtexas.net, 210-826-2904 
David Brimager, Advertising Sales: dbrimager@texas-wildlife.org, 210-826-2904, 210-862-0182 (c)



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