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Necropsy in a Box

Necropsy in a Box provides quail and step-by-step instructions to guide your students through a quail necropsy in your own classroom.


Necropsy In A Box Requirements and Contents

  • Teachers must be comfortable with facilitating and instructing a necropsy with their students in their own classroom.

  • Teachers must preorder quail (1 quail per 5 students) 8 weeks prior and provide an approximate date for necropsy.

  • Teachers will receive a Google Drive link via email, with classroom resources for the necropsy.

    • Google drive contents: Pre-test w/key, background information, pre-lab instructions, TEKS-aligned PowerPoint which will guide students step-by-step through a quail necropsy, student data sheet w/key, post-test w/key, and a teacher evaluation form.

  • Upon a pre-arranged date, teachers will receive a FedEx delivery containing quail on dry ice.

  • Teacher must provide feedback of pre and post-test scores, as well as a completed evaluation form in order to participate. Your feedback regarding the success of the program in your classroom, as well as any additional ideas, is valuable to us.


Program Goals

  • Provide students with a unique TEKS-aligned opportunity to observe, touch, smell and feel what they are studying

  • Provide teachers the resources to discuss comparative anatomy, habitat requirements, behavior, biology, physiology and adaptations through a hands-on meaningful approach

  • Equip students with the knowledge, connection to nature, and ability to articulate their values relating to wildlife and land stewardship

  • Inspire students to be responsible for Texas’ natural resources and become ambassadors for conservation

  • Encourage leadership that will create and awareness of the value of private land stewardship


For more information or to preorder quail contact:

Leslie Wittenburg -, 512-680-6000


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