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Position Statement Regarding Texas Central Railway


Texas Wildlife Association (TWA) is an organization that is committed to serve Texas wildlife and its habitat, while protecting property rights, hunting heritage, and the conservation efforts of those who value and steward wildlife resources.

Texas Central Railway (TCR) is a proposed high-speed passenger rail line from Houston to Dallas, spanning across 11 counties and absorbing an estimated 3,000 acres of private rural property.

TWA sees potential value in high speed rail for Texas transportation.  However, due to the following concerns and in pursuit of its mission, TWA supports legislation and regulatory efforts to stop TCR as proposed and any use of State or Federal funds to finance its design, construction, or operation.

TWA believes current eminent domain statutes in Texas insufficiently protect private property rights and questions the use of eminent domain power by private for-profit ventures with limited public benefit such as TCR.  Additionally, TWA is uncertain of the demand for the proposed TCR project and has concerns about future impacts to Texas taxpayers.

TWA believes the TCR project will unnecessarily drive increased fragmentation of agricultural land and wildlife habitat, while irreparably damaging adjacent land values and impairing land access for divided properties.  Furthermore, the project provides no benefit to the Texans whose lands it will impact while doing little to address the mobility needs of the vast majority of Texans.

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