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Texas Brigades

Texas Brigades is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization striving to educate and empower youths with leadership skills and knowledge in wildlife, fisheries, and land stewardship, promoting conservation ambassadorship for a sustained natural resource legacy.

Texas Brigades was founded in 1993 as a single youth camp focused on the ecology of bobwhite quail.  In 25 years, it has expanded its summer camp programs, as well as created additional programming in pursuit of furthering wildlife and natural resource conservation education, strengthening leadership development and to reach a more diverse background of Texas’ youth.

Today, Texas Brigades has a combination of educational programs, including our popular 5-day summer camps, our advanced Wildlife Intensive Leadership Development (W.I.L.D.) program and our newest, single-day program, Texas Brigades Experience.


Summer “Brigade” Camps

Texas Brigades hosts eight leadership camps, founded on a variety of wildlife and natural resource principles. Camps offer 5 days of concentrated curriculum, ranging from the various breakdowns of wildlife habitat & land management principles, to leadership, public speaking, and team-building. All camps provide various participant resources and materials, all field & classroom curriculum needs, as well as lodging, meals, and medical needs. Target age range is 13-17 years.

Wildlife Intensive Leadership Development (W.I.L.D.)

WILD was created in an effort to answer the call to further develop participants’ knowledge of wildlife and natural resource conservation. WILD is an advanced program, engaging and exposing participants to natural resource policies and procedures, hands-on field research and data, career-building, and professionalism. Target age range is 18-24.

Texas Brigades Experience

To advance the Texas Brigades vision, the Experience was born. Single-day programming allows Texas Brigades to engage more youth across the state, while opening up the target age range from 9-17, dependent on the curriculum. By partnering with volunteers and like-minded organizations, the Experience provides a hands-on learning environment, which gets youth outdoors, working to stir up and/or initiate their passion for Texas’ natural resources.


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