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Texas Children in Nature

Texas Children in Nature


During the 81st legislative session, organizations including the Texas Wildlife Association, the National Wildlife Federation, Texas PTA, the Texas Pediatric Society, and many other conservation, education and public health organizations advocated for the well-being of children through the creation of a formal state plan to enable children to spend more time out-of-doors and to better understand Texas’ natural resources.

In fall 2009, a bipartisan group of Texas legislators requested that the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, along with the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Department of State Health Services and the Texas Department of Agriculture form a public-private partnership to develop that strategic plan. Over 80 professionals including representatives from state and federal agencies, NGOs, health, education, natural resources, community organizations and businesses, answered the call and formed the Texas Partnership for Children in Nature.

Many of us have fond childhood memories of a special place where play, imagination an wonder reigned.  For most, that place was outdoors.  Sadly, today's children are allowed less time than ever before for unstructured creative play in nature.  With the deepening trend away from outdoor play and learning we are witnessing sobering consequences for children's health and well-being.  

We can reverse this trend.  Through this coalition of partners from all walks of life, the Texas Partnership for Children in Nature was formed.   Join us in restoring our children's well-being and relationship with Texas's rich natural and cultural heritage.  Get involved with a Regional Team, we need your input!   

To learn more about Texas Children In Nature, visit their web page HERE.

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