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Trinity River Program

Designed specifically for students who live in the Trinity River Basin to promote sound land stewardship and improve the water quality and general health of the Trinity River and its watershed.


What is the Trinity River Program?

  • Regionally available for students Grades 4-12 who live along the Trinity River Basin
  • We provide teachers a CD of Hamline University Waters to the Sea Program to introduce students to the basics of water quality and the components of healthy aquatic ecosystems prior to the field day
  • Students travel to a location in the Trinity River Basin for a field day including:
    • Local history of the area
    • Water quality sampling
    • Chemical experiments
    • Riparian assessment
    • Macro invertebrate investigation
    • Rainfall simulator demonstration
    • Collecting, recording and analyzing data


Program Goals:

  • Equip students and parents with the knowledge, connection to nature, and ability to articulate their values relating to water quality and land stewardship
  • Provide students with a renewed sense of responsibility for the natural world around them and nurture ambassadors for conservation and land stewardship
  • Provide students with an understanding of the impacts land uses have on water quality and watershed health
  • Inspire leadership that will spread through families, communities, the Trinity Basin, and ultimately result in a significant change in attitude toward the value of private land stewards and stewardship in the larger water equation




For more information, please contact:

Kassi Scheffer - - Director of Youth Education



The Trinity River Program was created in partnership with, Tarrant Regional Water District, Imagination Fort Worth, and Hamline University's Waters to the Sea program.


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