Program Areas

Trinity River Program – Imagination Fort Worth Historic Storytelling

Introduction to Materials with Students

  1. Issue Pre-Test (Click Here) to all students

  2. Review the ImagineGuide and present to students

  3. Teach Waters to the Sea activities to students


Field Investigation Day Preparation

Two Weeks Prior to Trip:

  1. You will have received your field journals from us!

  2. Organize Lunches. Free and reduced lunches with the school cafeteria needs to typically be communicated about two weeks ahead of time. All students will need to have a sack lunch for the trip.

  3. Send home district required field trip paperwork with students for guardian signature

  4. Send home TWA Student liability release form with students for guardian signature

  5. Send home parent item checklist with all students

  6. Secure appropriate number of chaperones

    1. At minimum 1 per 10  students (per FWISD) ideally at least 5 (one per station)

  7. TWA Adult liability release form sent to all attending teachers/chaperones

  8. Print journal pages

  9. Acquire name tag for every student and chaperone

  10. Print your map of the location


One Week Prior to Trip:

  1. Assemble journals, staples are best

  2. Set aside a pencil or pen for every student

  3. Divide students into 5 equal groups

    1. Preferably ensure that students that do not work well together are separated


One Day Prior to Trip:

  1. Remind students to wear appropriate dress and shoes

    1. Shoes: not their nicest, most favorite shoes, they will get muddy and potentially wet

    2. Dress: gage the predicted weather to suggest cool or warm clothing for being outside all day

  2. Remind students to bring a water bottle

  3. Remind students to pack a lunch if they will not have a school lunch

  4. You can suggest these extras: bug spray, sunscreen, or hat

Day of Field Investigation  Day You Will Bring:

  1. Guardian signed TWA Student liability release for every student

    1. Students will not be allowed to attend the event without this signed form

  2. Signed TWA Adult liability release for every teacher and chaperone

  3. Printed map of the field investigation day location

  4. Free and reduced student lunches if applicable


Every Student will have:

  1. TWA provided Field Investigation Day journal with attached guided notes

  2. A writing utensil

  3. Name tag

  4. Water bottle

  5. Appropriate dress and shoes

  6. Sack lunch



After Field Investigation Day

  1. Administer Post-Test to all students

  2. Complete Both Teacher Evaluations.

The data we collect from these evaluations and from the pre and post tests are vital to maintaining our program funding. We really appreciate your time in completing these!

  1. Texas Wildlife Association’s teacher evaluation

  2. Imagination Fort Worth’s teacher evaluation

  3. Students’ thank you notes scan or mail.

We like to share these with our volunteer teachers, host locations, and communication teams. Hearing the impact of this program through a student's perspective is truly irreplaceable!

  1. Email to or

  2. Mail to:

Susie Hyman

8008 Camp Bowie West, Suite 111

Fort Worth, Texas 76116

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