Birds of a Feather - Wildlife by Design Across Texas

When: December 8, 2020
Where: Online - Zoom
Hosted By: TWA
Who: Designed for children/students (Grades K-8)

Wildlife by Design Across Texas pairs our classroom presentations with distance learning, allowing us to share our educational presentations with you anywhere across Texas!

For full details and complete presentation schedule, visit the Wildlife by Design Across Texas webpage.

Birds of a Feather is an overview of the adaptations, characteristics, and basic needs of birds.  Students will be engaged in hands-on investigations to discover traits that make a bird a bird, focusing on birds native to Texas, from the wild turkey to birds of prey.  Activities include studying functions of bird anatomy, exploring real bird biofacts, and listening to the calls of native wild birds.

9am Registration | 2pm Registration


Program Information:

  • Available at no cost for all viewers!
  • Presented using Zoom - watch on your computer or device
  • 45 minutes in length, scheduled 2-3 days/week
  • Designed for students in grades K-8, and Science TEKS-aligned.
  • Five (5) presentations topics (details below) – Skins & Skulls, Birds of a Feather, Where Is Our Water?,  Investigating Life Cycles, and Stewarding Soil
  • ​There are optional bilingual questions and a worksheet that align with each presentation.  Students could complete either during or after, if desired.

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