TYHP Huntmaster Training 2017 - Southeast Texas

When: April 21-22, 2017
Where: Sinton, TX
Hosted By: TYHP
Who: All are welcome!

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Who we are:

The Texas Youth Hunting Program (TYHP) was established by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Texas Wildlife Association to increase the numbers of youths participating in wildlife and hunting activities.

What we do:

Since 1995, the TYHP has been conducting affordable weekend hunts for youth run by experienced volunteers. Our hunts teach outdoor skills, safety, wildlife management, personal responsibility, and respect for private property.

Why it's important:

Children who participate in our youth hunts have fun while learning about wildlife and nature. They learn about natural resource conservation, management, and how to be safe in the outdoors from game wardens, biologists, landowners, experienced hunters, and hunter education instructors .

What is A Huntmaster:

Huntmasters are trained volunteers who may fill various roles on a youth hunt. Lead Huntmasters are Huntmasters who are certified by an experienced Lead Huntmaster to plan, coordinate, manage and lead youth hunts. You do not have to be a Huntmaster to volunteer with TYHP but we do encourage volunteers to attend Huntmaster training.

What happens at a Huntmaster Training:

A Huntmaster Training is a weekend event where you will learn how our youth hunts are run and the tasks of our volunteers. You will spend up to two nights at the location and food and materials are  provided.


Meals, lodging, and all course materials included in fees.
TWA Members - $55.00
Non-Members - $90.00 (includes 1-year online membership to TWA)
Scholarships are available if needed!  Select the scholarship option at registration checkout to request one.


This Huntmaster training will be held at the Welder Wildlife Refuge in Sinton, TX.  Other 2017 Huntmaster trainings are scheduled to be held in Spring, Cleburne, Mason, Cotulla and San Marcos. See the events calendar to register for a different Huntmaster training.


For more information call 800.460.5494 or email

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