Huntmaster Workshop

When: August 24, 2019
Where: Houston, TX
Hosted By: TYHP
Who: Huntmasters and TYHP Volunteers

This workshop for TYHP Huntmasters and volunteers will begin with a Hunter’s Field Medicine Training course from Lone Star Medics. This course is designed from the ground up specifically with hunters and outdoor adventurers in mind. Throughout this class each student will learn how to identify and treat for injuries and illnesses related to enjoying the outdoors.  As Huntmasters, this course will be invaluableyou’re your knowledge of what to do in a field situation. After the training, we will go over all TYHP updates, pass out necessary supplies, and generally get ready for the new hunting season! Lunch will be provided. Please know there will be hands on aspects to this training so come prepared to be active.

Event Dates:   August 24, 2019
Event Start and End Time:   9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Event Partners/Hosts to List: TYHP, Lone Star Medics
Event Location: State Park Region 4 Building/Sheldon Lake State Park, 14200 Garrett Rd, Houston, TX 77044

FREE to attend but must register. Limited to 20.


Registration for this event is now closed.  To be added to the wait list please email Briana Miles at


For more information call 800.460.5494 or email

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