Investigating Life Cycles - Wildlife by Design Across Texas

When: December 3, 2020
Where: Online - Zoom
Hosted By: TWA
Who: Designed for children/students (Grades K-8)

Wildlife by Design Across Texas pairs our classroom presentations with distance learning, allowing us to share our educational presentations with you anywhere across Texas!

For full details and complete presentation schedule, visit the Wildlife by Design Across Texas webpage.

Investigating Life Cycles is an inquiry-based program that allows students to investigate and compare life cycle models and record their observations. Students will learn the characteristics that allow a plant or animal to grow into a mature adult and how each stage affects its habitat and other plant and animal populations. Students will learn the difference between complete and incomplete metamorphosis in insects, as well as exploring the varied life cycles and interdependence of other members of the animal and plant kingdoms.

9am Registration | 2pm Registration


Program Information:

  • Available at no cost for all viewers!
  • Presented using Zoom - watch on your computer or device
  • Participation is limited to 100 participants/presentation
  • 45 minutes in length, scheduled 2-3 days/week
  • Designed for students in grades K-8, and Science TEKS-aligned.
  • Five (5) presentations topics (details below) – Skins & Skulls, Birds of a Feather, Where Is Our Water?,  Investigating Life Cycles, and Stewarding Soil
  • ​There are optional bilingual questions and a worksheet that align with each presentation.  Students could complete either during or after, if desired.

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