Building Women in Natural Resources Leadership


Friday February 9th – 5-6pm – Room: Majestic 1 – 37th floor.

Room will be set up in three ‘clusters’ of tables for each focus point to be broken out at.

Two speakers at each cluster and mixed by organization or by approach to focus point.

Start with introductions of each speaker and thank you to our sponsors.

Introductions will be made at the beginning of the reception, students asked to identify themselves (“raise your hand if grad vrs undergrad, etc”). Then discussions begin at each cluster with the two speakers speaking to their point. Additional questions to be given to each speaker to help move along discussion if needed. But very organic conversations with students and professionals. Rotating to each cluster as wanted.

Food and drink provided by Texas Wildlife Association sponsorship. Close reception with marketing quickie from TWA Women of the Land, hand out flyers.

Focus Points/Speakers:

Building all women to be competitive and elevating of each other

– pushing each other, setting crazy goals for each other and pushing your team to get there. Shalene Flanagan.

Linda Campbell, Texas Wildlife Association (ret. TPWD)

Megan Clayton, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Building an atmosphere with self-confidence and assuredness in belonging there

– belong in this industry, having that smarts to know they belong in the room, know that they are on the same if not a higher level field that the guys. Having a seat at the table and being present in the room.

Annaliese Scoggins, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

Dana Wright, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

Building a clan – find your allies

– building a team of women in the industry who are competitors, friends, allies, confidants, etc. Teams with questions, complaints, but also share building points with.

Selma Glasscock, Welder Wildlife Foundation

Larry Pierce, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

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