Call to Action: Chronic Wasting Disease Policy

The Texas Wildlife Association (TWA) is deeply concerned about the recent detection of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in six (6) permitted deer breeding facilities.  CWD represents an existential threat to rural economies, hunting-related businesses (including deer breeders), and an important natural resource. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) are currently working on permanent rules to monitor and manage this disease. Therefore, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! For the sake of all hunters, landowners, wildlife enthusiasts, rural merchants, affiliated businesses, and the resource itself, WE URGE YOU TO CONTACT THESE STATE LEADERS.

Please let them know:

  1. Your concern about CWD and how its spread might impact you as a landowner, hunter, business owner, and/or outdoor enthusiast.

  2. Your support of the TPWD and the TAHC in adopting strong science-based rules to stop the spread of CWD. 

  3. The greatest risk of spreading CWD comes from moving live animals, thus the requirement to ante-mortem (live test) breeder deer before their release must become a permanent rule.

  4. It remains TWA's position that a permanent ID (tag) be clearly visible from a distance and should be required for all released deer.

Read the full alert and find your local representative here!



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