CWD and the 2015/16 Hunting Season Plan

Dear TWA Members,

TWA has worked diligently with both the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Texas Animal Health Commission to provide our input and assistance since the detection of Chronic Wasting Disease in a captive facility in Medina, County Texas. While no plan is perfect, TWA feels that this plan works towards protecting the states wild and captive deer herds. To view this plan please click here.

We greatly appreciate the herculean effort put forward by the state agencies in the six short weeks since initial detection and applaud the communication channels that they have kept open to us in the evolution of this process. We will continue to work with both TPWD and TAHC on the CWD issue in the interest of landowners, hunters and wildlife.

Please contact David Yeates at (800) 839-9453 or by email at: for any clarification.

Look for e-blasts and social media posts for updates as news develops.

You can also find our joint resolution statement on CWD in Texas by clicking here.

Thank you,
Marko Barrett, TWA President


To learn more about CWD, visit these two helpful websites:

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