Desert Bighorn Ram Hunt Permit to be Auctioned at WildLife 2014

A permit to hunt a desert bighorn ram on a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in the beautiful mountains of West Texas will be auctioned to the highest auction bidder on Saturday, July 12, at WildLife 2014, the annual convention of the Texas Wildlife Association (TWA).

TWA last auctioned this permit in 2011, which brought a record high bid of $152,000 for the opportunity to hunt a desert bighorn ram in Texas. Proceeds from the 2011 permit auctioned off by TWA allowed TPWD to continue desert bighorn sheep restoration efforts in suitable unoccupied habitat. This year’s live auction item is once again being offered by the Texas Wildlife Association Foundation (TWAF), a 501(c)3 organization.

TWAF is donating 90 percent of gross revenue from this auction item to the TPWD Desert Bighorn Sheep Program for desert bighorn restoration, management, and research in the state of Texas. Ten percent of gross revenue from this auction item will be utilized by TWAF to support its charitable, scientific, and educational purposes. The WildLife 2014 auction on Saturday, July 12, begins at 7 p.m. at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa. Live phone bids and submitted proxy bids are being accepted for those not in attendance.

The permit provides the opportunity for one hunter to hunt for the next available desert bighorn ram on Elephant Mountain, Sierra Diablo, or Black Gap Wildlife Management Area, as designated by TPWD. These West Texas WMA’s are managed for the restoration, conservation, and management of desert bighorn sheep, and serve as the primary source of brood stock for reintroduction efforts. Considered some of the premier desert bighorn hunting areas, over sixteen B&C record book rams have been harvested on the combined areas. The hunt will most likely occur between September 1, 2014 and July 31, 2015. The hunt will be 10 days or until a ram is harvested, whichever comes first. The hunter may bring one non-hunting companion. TPWD will furnish lodging, meals, guide services and on-site transportation. In addition to the permit, the hunter is required to possess a valid Texas hunting license.

TPWD Executive Director Carter Smith said, “This past January, approximately 60 bighorns were introduced into another unoccupied West Texas mountain range. None of this would be possible without the strong support of TWA, Texas Bighorn Society, Wild Sheep Foundation, and of course, private landowners. We greatly appreciate the commitment of TWA to assist us with this wonderful restoration program.”


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