Hunt to Table Dinner & Adult Mentorship Hunting Program

Article by Kristin Parma, Membership Coordinator


“Oh wow…oh wow oh wow!”

The words spilled out of Annie’s mouth. An Axis buck stood staring at us not more than 60 yards away, antlers towering high above his head. A mating pair of Sandhill cranes flew over, calling back and forth to one another. The steam rose up from the ground as the sun hit the morning dew. Ducks and other waterfowl splashed furiously in the bay waters behind us. A scene from a storybook, first time adult hunter Annie had done an impeccable job of staying quiet in the blind- until then. I will never forget her enthusiast reaction. The axis deer slipped back into the brush, alerting to our presence.

Texas Wildlife Association is pleased to have completed its 4th annual Hunt to Table dinner at Rain Lily Farms in Austin in April. Each year the event is an exceptional way to gather Texans from all lifestyles for an evening of delicious locavore and wild game inspired dishes, wine pairings and information on the legacy of conservation through hunting. Each year our friend, renowned chef Jesse Griffiths of Dai Due, Dai Due Taqueria and New School of Traditional Cookery, prepares the exceptional wild game fare with wine pairings from our supporters at Lewis Wines.

In partnership with our annual Hunt to Table dinner, those self-proclaimed foodies who are interested in learning a comprehensive and ethical way to hunt are encouraged to apply for the opportunity to go on a guided trip by TWA staff and volunteers through our Adult Mentored Hunting Program. Each hunt offers meals with an emphasis on wild game and its versatile applications, often harvested and prepared by those staff members.

“During the weekend I really felt my perspective on hunting and conservation mold into something I could not have imagined…It is a hunter’s duty to honor that gift from nature by fully appreciating it and giving that gift forward to others so that one day they might fall in love with that same passion. I could not be more thankful to TWA and all of the volunteers that made this mentored hunt happen,” said Scott Grace, TWA Adult Mentored Hunt participant.

With support from our friends at TPWF Stewards of the Wild, Quality Deer Management Association and TWA’s Conservation Legacy Women of the Land program, TWA expanded its Adult Mentored Hunting Program by offering five opportunities this season. From camping along the coastal prairie lands of Port O’Connor to the desert oasis of west Texas, novice and first time hunters were introduced to the roles hunting plays in wildlife management.

TWA trained its first Adult Mentored Hunting Program Huntmasters in February in partnership with the Texas Chapter of the Wildlife Society annual meeting in Conroe. If you are interested in opening your gates to an adult hunt, becoming an Adult Mentored Hunting Program Huntmaster or you have friends and family who may benefit as new hunters from this unique mentorship opportunity please contact TWA headquarters.

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