Support your Texas Game Wardens

Texas Game Wardens have watched over the lands, waters, wildlife and people of Texas for more than 100 years.  Every year Texas Game Wardens patrol over 10 million miles by vehicle and 130,000 hours by boat, facing challenges as unique as the 254 counties they serve.

That’s why a group of dedicated citizens has partnered with Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation to launch Gear Up for Game Wardens to raise private funds to ensure that Texas Game Wardens have access to specialized equipment beyond their standard issue gear. While the state provides the basic necessities for wardens to do their jobs, there is still a critical need for additional equipment.

Through private donations, Gear Up for Game Wardens will provide specialty equipment Texas Game Wardens need to maintain safety and ensure the highest level of service for the people of Texas.

Find out how you can help support Texas Game Wardens.

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