Texas Wildlife Association Statement Regarding Border Security

Texas Wildlife Association (TWA) strives to protect private property rights in balance with natural resource conservation efforts here in Texas.  As such, TWA is deeply interested in the concept of a wall or physical barrier designed to secure the Texas/Mexico border. 
TWA sees the urgent need for control of illegal immigration and smuggling traffic in Texas.  This traffic directly affects the security of our nation and the security and well-being of landowners, ranchers, and wildlife stewards in the border region.  Furthermore, this traffic is massively disruptive to ranching, wildlife, and land management practices. 
However, TWA is concerned that a physical barrier along the rural Texas/Mexico border would result in substantial condemnation of private property by eminent domain, interrupt landowner/livestock/wildlife access to water from the Rio Grande River, harm property values, and impair critical wildlife movement corridors for species such as black bears, mountain lions, white-tailed and mule deer, and desert bighorn sheep, among others. 
TWA sees merit in physical barriers at strategic locations, such as metropolitan areas.  TWA strongly urges the Department of Homeland Security to develop and use methods other than physical barriers along the remainder of the border.  TWA believes that increased patrols, more strident enforcement of existing laws, and technological monitoring of the border will achieve the worthy goal of controlling illegal border crossings while minimizing impacts to private property rights and our precious natural resources.  TWA is eager to serve federal and state agencies as a resource on addressing this critical issue.

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Texas Wildlife Association boils down to doing right by Texas.It's about taking care of home. Texas is more than a state. It's an ideal. Our mission at Texas Wildlife Association stems from a deep-seeded love and respect for that ideal. From the beautiful, expansive land to the thousands of species we share it with, we believe every part of Texas is worth protecting, because to truly take pride in something, one must be willing to invest in it and care for it. We love our great state, and to ensure future generations do as well, we will carry our pride as a reminder to not only love Texas, but to look after it.

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