TWA Member Spotlight - Thomas Theuring

Adult mentored hunt program participant and TYHP Huntmaster


Growing up in the Alps in Southern Germany I’ve always been active outdoors. The region is well known among tourists for hiking opportunities, biking trails, lakes, and forests. After completing my military service there I moved to the United States for an exchange year. During this time I learned about the outdoor and hunting culture in the U.S. and it sparked my interest right away. Years later, after completing business school and moving to Austin, I was determined to further pursue this interest.

As someone growing up without any connection to hunting,  TWA turned out to be an amazing resource. Their Mentored Hunt program is an excellent way for new, aspiring hunters to get started. Moreover, while acquiring skills and knowledge is critical to become a successful hunter, it is also necessary to have access to land and know people to hunt with. Becoming a TWA member enabled access to resources and a very helpful network of great people, and I was introduced to a community of welcoming and knowledgeable hunters. 

As a member of the TWA I was able to participate in a wide range of great events. I learned about all aspects of hunting and discovered new opportunities to engage with Texas' hunting heritage. Recently, I became a volunteer for the Texas Youth Hunting Program. It is remarkable how helpful and passionate the members of this community are, and regardless of background and experience level everyone is welcome.

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