TWA Taking Proposals for Wildlife for Lunch Webinar Series

The Texas Wildlife Association has released a request for proposals for the Wildlife for Lunch (WFL) Webinar Series hosted in conjunction with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. 

The WFL web series is held the third Thursday of every month from 12 Noon – 1:00 pm (CST).  The goal is to provide sound, science-based wildlife management information to landowners, land managers, hunters, wildlife enthusiasts or anyone interested in natural resource management.  These webinars are offered free of charge and available to anyone that has access to a computer. 

Individuals representing universities, ranches, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and industry may apply.  Presentations should be related to wildlife, fisheries, habitat management, or similar topics. No commercial products or services may be advertised or endorsed. Submissions will be reviewed by a committee. Presenters will be asked to allow their presentation to be recorded, and we ask that presentations be “timeless” information so that archived webinars are relevant for many years to come. 

The target total length is 1 hour.  Typically, presentations will run 45 minutes leaving 10-15 minutes for question and answer.  A practice run-through will be scheduled for the week of and presenters will be responsible for getting TWA a copy of the presentation and a 2-3 sentence summary ahead of time. 

Attendance at the WFL webinars ranges from around 20 to well over 80 depending on topic and exposure. Viewers of the live webinar broadcast can ask questions and communicate with the host and presenter.  The recorded version of the presentation is archived on both TWA’s website and YouTube for anyone interested in the presentation at a later date. 

RFPs are due by October 14, 2016.


Click here to download the RFP.


Questions? Please contact Clinton Faas at or 800-TEX-WILD.



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