TYHP Video Contest

TYHP Hunters,

                Stuck at home?  Looking for something to do?  TYHP would like your help with a video project.  The top 5 videos will receive a free hunt certificate.  The best video will receive a free hunt certificate and a guaranteed spot on one of selected hunts in the 2020-2021 season.

 The videos need to address a minimum of two of the top ten causes for hunting incidents. They are:

1. FALLS FROM ELEVATED STANDS - Falls from Stands/Failure to Use Haul Line/ Harness
2. FAILURE TO POINT MUZZLE IN SAFE DIRECTION - Careless Handling of Firearms/Failure to Control Muzzle
3. FAILURE TO OBEY SAFE ZONE-OF-FIRE - Swinging on Game Outside Safe Zone of Fire  
4. VICTIM BEYOND TARGET - Victim Out of Sight of Shooter/Failure to Check Background  
5. VICTIM MISTAKEN FOR GAME - Failure to Properly Identify Target  
6. STUMBLING/DROPPING FIREARM - A - Shooter Stumbled and Fell/Dropped Firearm  
7. TRIGGER CAUGHT ON OBJECT - Trigger Caught on Object  
8. VICTIM IN FRONT OF TARGET - Victim in Line of Fire  
10.  LOADED FIREARM IN OR AROUND VEHICLE - Removing/Placing Firearm in Vehicle/Discharge of Firearm in Vehicle

 If you can combine multiple scenarios in one video that is best.  Select topics that lend themselves to seamless transitions.  Videos need to picture participants wearing Hunter Orange, preferably your TYHP hat, TYHP Patch or TYHP LOGO.  Videos should be no more than 5 minutes and the shorter the better, while still getting the point across.  An ideal length is 1-2 minutes.

Safety should be the number one concern.  Your props should be safe firearms.  Hunter education instructors have dummy firearms.  Contact us if you need something like this.  You may use real firearms, but if you do you must have hunter orange chamber flags and point that out to the audience as part of the video and also state that “no live ammunition or loaded firearms are used in this video”.  Again Hunter Education instructors can get the chamber flags and TYHP can help too.

 Deadline for submission is April 30, 2020.  You may have multiple submissions but each video should be a different topic.  You can mail us your video on a thumb drive or  upload it here:

Winners will be notified by email in mid May or earlier. If you want to participate contact one of us, we are all Hunter education Instructors so we can help:

Chris Mitchell
Bryan Jones
Bob Barnette
Briana Nicklow

Thanks for your support as always, 
Texas Youth Hunting Program

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