2018 TWA Private Lands Summit (VIDEO)

2018 TWA Private Lands Summit (VIDEO)

Because the far-reaching impacts of the proposed Border Wall can’t be accurately distilled into a sound bite, a headline or a Tweet, Texas Wildlife Association hosted “The Wall: Protecting Our Country or Dividing Our Interests?”

“People have read about ‘The Wall.’ People have heard about ‘The Wall,’” said Event Chairman Greg Simons, a former TWA president who lives in San Angelo. “But very few people understand the full range of complicated issues surrounding it.”

The day-long program, was the fifth installment of the organization’s Private Lands Summit, is scheduled for July 12, 2018 at the J.W. Marriott in San Antonio. The event explored the multi-faceted issues associated with the proposal to build a physical barrier stretching from Texas to California.

The video below is the complete 2018 Private Lands Summit.


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