Critter Connections Magazine

Critter Connections Magazine

Each edition will include a species profile, quiz, adventure story, puzzles, craft activities, calendar of events, and much more!  Look for it in our February, April, September, and November issues of Texas Wildlife magazine, click on the links below to view past issues of Critter Connections, or sign up for a yearly subscription.

Also available - Critter Connections Reading Comprehension Lessons

Critter Connections in English


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February Foxes


February  Raccoons

February  Mockingbirds February Vultures February  Bees March Herons

April Roadrunners


April Skunks April
Prairie Dogs
April  Rattlesnakes April Eagles June  Alligators

September Turtles


September Frogs and Toads September  Red-tailed Hawks September  Beavers September  Porcupines

November Backyard Bugs


November Spiders November
November  Wild Turkeys November Cranes December  Catfish


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March - Owls March - Bighorned Sheep March - Bats March - Songbirds March - Quail March - Turkeys
June - Opossums June - Lightning Whelk June - Texas Horned Lizard June - Javelina/Hogs June - Bass June - Turtles
September - Pheasants September - Snakes September - Monarch Butterfly September - Mule Deer/Pronghorn September - Rabbits September - Doves
December - Coyotes December - Hummingbirds December - Armadillo December - Cats December - Ducks December - White-tailed Deer


Critter Connections in Spanish

December 2011 - Los colibrís

March 2012 - Los buhos



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