Parley Dixon


Parley has been a member of TWA since 2011, as a personal invitation from former TWA President, Tom Vandivier.   This invitation by Tom led to service on the TWA Membership and Executive Committees, including Chair of the Membership Committee.   

His professional career spans over 30 years in the steel industry, with that entire duration at Patriot Erectors, LLC, headquartered in Dripping Springs, Texas.  He has held multiple positions with the company, ranging from craft worker, supervisor and manager, to owner and President in 2000.   He has maintained ownership in the company since that time and is currently in the role of CEO/Owner.

Parley spent most of his youth and high school days in a small farming/ranching/mining community in rural Southeast Arizona, along the Gila River.  Pre-teen and teen years were spent working for the various farms, ranches, and dairies in the area.  A respect, love, and stewardship for the land is in his blood; desert environments require it.  His parents currently live on one of the original family homestead properties dating back to the early 1900’s.

Parley’s greatest love, support and friend is his wife Lisa. Together they find great enjoyment spending time outdoors with their 5 children.

In 2010, Parley and his former business partner, Rex Webb, purchased a ranch property in Telegraph, Texas along the South Llano River.  The property had a decade plus of wildlife management and stewardship from Tom Vandivier, which they continue with to this day. 

Parley looks forward to the opportunity of continued relationships, learning and growth, and new friendships in and with the Texas Wildlife Association.