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Small Acreage - Big Opportunity


Small Acreage - Big Opportunity

A program tailored to small acreage landowners.


Landowners who steward small properties face unique management challenges. Most information currently available to landowners focuses on management of large properties. Statewide, small properties are increasing, but the owners of these properties may have difficulty scaling down big recommendations to fit a smaller acreage.

The new Small Acreage – Big Opportunity (SABO) program is a joint effort of Texas Wildlife Association and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension to address this need. Our intensive one-day workshops will teach landowners how to evaluate their property’s habitat and what options are available for wildlife management, including cost-share programs. Perhaps most importantly, we will connect landowners with local professionals who can walk alongside them as they steward and learn their lands. Join us as we paint a more complete picture of land stewardship in Texas by equipping small landowners to make a big impact!


Join us to learn:

  • Brush Management
  • Pasture Management
  • Soil health
  • Creating pollinator and wildlife habitat
  • Earning 1-d-1 wildlife tax valuation
  • Cost share opportunities

Meet landowners who are doing the work and more!


Workshop locations and dates:

Fort Davis, TX – August 28, 2021   This event is full.  Please join us at one of our other workshops!

Nacogdoches, TX – Sept 25, 2021  Click here for more information or to register!

Allen, TX – October 30, 2021  Click here for more information or to register!


For past presentations and other learning materials, click here!




Workshops presented in partnership with Texas A&M University AgriLife Extension  


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