Videoconference Recordings

We have taken some of our most popular live videoconferences and converted them into a clean recording format that you can watch anytime.  Just click the program to complete a quick pre-registration form and a video player will appear where you can watch the program right away.  Please do not pre-register, only complete the form right before you are ready to share with your students as it will not save your data if you leave the page. 

Animal Encounters: All About Alligators

This program features the largest reptile in Texas and North America, the American Alligator. We will discuss the wetland habitats they call home, their adaptations including their role in the food chain as an apex predator, and the differences between alligators and crocodiles. Students will also get to see a real alligator egg and skull, as well as our guest star, a real live alligator.

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Animal Encounters: Awesome Opossums

The Virginia Opossum is the only marsupial, mammal with a pouch, in the United States. Many people fear or dislike opossums, but they are actually very interesting animals. You will meet a live Virginia Opossum and explore the unique adaptations that have helped it adapt in its wild habitat and to an urban environment. We will also clear up some public misconceptions and introduce many awesome traits about this animal.

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Animal Encounters: Bats-A-Billion

This interactive presentation features live bats. We will look at their unique body structures that allow bats to fly, identify other special adaptation such as echolocation, as well as discuss their basic needs and diverse habitats. We will also play bat calls, view bats emerging from Bracken Cave, and discuss ways you can help these beneficial creatures.

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Animal Encounters: Creepy Critters

Unfortunately for our guests, their creepy appearance can generate fear. Our visitors are quite an eclectic bunch, from those with no limbs, to others with four, or even eight! Join us as we take an up-close look at these critters and discuss how they fit into the food chain, as well as their adaptations, and the structures that bring fear to many.

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Animal Encounters: Owl Adaptations

The owl: nature’s nocturnal bird of prey. Accompanied by our live Eastern Screech Owl in the studio, we will learn about these interesting animals found around the globe and Texas. This program will examine the special adaptations which allow them to fly, hunt for prey, and survive.

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Animal Encounters: Peregrine Falcons

Birds of prey, also known as raptors, are a common sight in the skies. During the program, we will take an up-close look at a live Peregrine Falcon to discuss the important body structures and their functions. We will investigate the falcon’s diet, their role in the food web, the habitats in which they are found, and the adaptations that allow them to be such powerful predators and fast fliers.

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